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This is a 1/6 th. plate ambrotype housed in a leather case, from our collection.

A Black Confederate Soldier. Sporting a mustache and beard, he sits in a carved Victorian chair, his right hand has a rather large bump on it, his left hand rest's on a large book with gold lettering(You can almost read it). His grey wool jacket has piping on the collar and on the sleeves, with shoulder boards & millitary buttons. This photo. is a recent purchase by us, and is now on loan, to the Museum Of The Confederacy, in Richmond, Va. The Museum states that there are probably less than 6 known images of Blacks in Confederate Uniform. They own one, (Also an ambrotype) and their collection is over 100 years old. We consider ourselves very fortunate indeed to own such a rare and important image.

Music Dixie: Sequenced by R.G. Allen

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