Wine looted from Plantation for Hospitalized Confederate Soldiers.

1 page manuscript document. Sworn affidavit "Fort Adams, Miss. May 5th. 1867"
I C.C.Cage do solemmly swear that i was requested by the overseer on Mr. L.R. Marshalls Buffalo Plantation of Wilkinson County to take the wine and appropriate it to the benefit of the Soldiers of the Confederate States Hospital, which I did. I farther more swear that I was guided to the said wine, one mile or more in the swamp by the overseer (I do not know but Brown I think was the overseers name). The wine I found within 20 feet of the public road. I do again swear that Dr. Wm. I. Nock did not get more of the wine than he drank at dinner with the overseer, Myself, & other Soldiers. The overseer having retained a Demijohn of the wine for himself and invited Dr. Nock & myself to dine with him on that day.
The letter is signed Charles. C. Cage with seal.
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