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This area contains links to everything you'll need to start and configure your account information here at Photo Auctions. You can create your new account, configure your account information, display closed auction information, view your user feedback, and much more!

Create New Registration
Registration is Free! Become a registered user and be a member of the Photo Auction community. Once registered you may participate in the bidding and selling process.
Update Your Registration
Once you are registered, you may use this form to update your existing registration. You can change any or all of your information, including your Photo Auctions password.
Wish List
Ever wish you could be notified if someone listed an item you are interested in acquiring? With the Wish List, simply specify the types of things you enjoy collecting. Whenever anyone lists an item that matches your Wish List, you are automatically notified by email with information about that new item!
Closed Auction Information
As you bid on auctions and sell items, you may view closed auction information. This displays a complete history of your activity (bidding on auction items and selling your own items).
User Feedback Information
Want to see what other users think about your activity? Use this screen to display your user feedback, and to provide feedback about other users.
Create Your Just Me! Page
Now you can create your own personal page at Photo Auctions. Tell the other users who you are! Show others what you collect! Display your auction items up for bid and create a storefront for yourself!
Update Your Me! Page
After you create your Me personal page, you may edit the page at any time. You can change any or all of your personal page information, including how many auction items to display and your favorite website links.
User Name Lookup
Did you forget your Photo Auctions user name? If so, use this feature to look up your user name based on your email account information. Enter your email address and the system displays your Photo Auctions user name.
User Password Lookup
Did you forget your Photo Auctions password? Use this section to look up your password based on your Photo Auction user name. Enter your user name, and the system sends your current password to your registered email address.

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