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Using our virtual greeting card system is easy! Just follow the instructions at each step along the way. Once your have completed the below steps, you will have the chance to preview your card. If you do not like your card, you may edit it and then send it, or just cancel the request. Once sent, the recipient will receive e-mail advising where to pick up your card.

Please select a picture from the list below using the little Radio Button selector. You may only pick one picture per card. If you want to see a full size image of a picture, just click on it. You might want to do that before filling in any information on this page, just so you do not risk losing your work after returning from viewing the image.

Happy Valentine!
Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday!
Happy Valentine
Greetings From Tijuana!
To My Valentine!
New Year Greetings!
Best Wishes!

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